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What Sets us Apart!

We are an Australian family owned business, located in the Darling Downs, just north of Toowoomba Queensland, at GEHAM 4350.

We manufacture & customise Australian engineered and crafted horse floats.

We build our floats from start to finish, using Australian RHS steel and Australian weight rated hardwood timber for our floors.

Also there is no middle man so we can pass on the savings to you!

We have over 12 year’s experience manufacturing livestock equipment and have subcontracted for other local companies.

Leichts Country Industries, Roma Wire and Steel – CSG mines, and Lite Haul Horse Trailers, to name a few

Most importantly every one of our floats have been Australian engineered and have certification certificates to meet the building code of Australian standards.

Our floats are built to last with extra structure for added strength though still light for ease of towing.

And are great value, as we include so many extra’s and safety features as standard.

“So your horse is kept safe at all times.”

NW Horse Floats are an Official Finance Referral Partner of Australian Credit Acceptance, the country's leading provider of Horse Float finance solutions. If you require finance for your new Horse Float, we recommend their services.

With over 12 years of experience and approvals possible within only 1 business day, the expert team at Australian Credit Acceptance will do everything possible to help you obtain finance as soon as possible.

If you would like further information on the finance options available, contact the team at Australian Credit Acceptance on 1300 360 450.

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